Since returning to Cincinnati there was one item on my craving list that I had not had until a couple of weekends ago, Adriatico’s Pizza. I had never had their pizza before starting classes at the University of Cincinnati in 1998, but before long it was a college staple. They sell a pizza called The Bearcat, which is 18 by 24 inches and has 30 slices! Not only is it big it is also on really thick Sicilian crust. The Bearcat pizza was often seen on campus for various meetings, off campus at a wide variety of events, and occasionally it found its way into hungry college students’ residences. I’d be lying if I said that my roommates and I hadn’t ordered a number of Bearcats before.

The Bearcat

When my family decided to come over to help my wife and I pass out candy for Halloween, my wife and I both agreed that it was a great time to pick up a Bearcat, which would easily feed the six hungry adults. My wife picked up the pizza from the Clifton restaurant and when it arrived at our house I was happy to see that it had not changed. They still layer each slice of pizza with its own piece of giant pepperoni. The sauce is still as spicy and tasty as I remembered, and the crust was wonderfully thick.

In all my years of eating Adriatico’s pizza I have never tried their thin crust, though I have had multiple people say good things about it. I may one day get around to trying it, but in the meantime I’ll always look for any excuse to grab some family or friends and order a Bearcat.

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