Pepperoni & Mushroom

Last Friday my wife and I ordered pizza from Ramundo’s Pizzeria for us and her youngest brother who was staying with us for the night. She placed the order and decided to get two 18″ traditional crust pizzas, one with pepperoni and mushroom and the other plain with cheese. We  had the pizzas delivered and they arrived in timely fashion from the tiny pizzeria that is just down the road from our house.

Cheese Pizza

Both pizzas looked great upon delivery and arrived hot from the oven. I started with the pepperoni and mushroom pizza and was immediately hit with a bit of spiciness in the sauce, which I am a fan of. The sauce wasn’t sweet at all like some of the other pizza places around town. The toppings were pretty good and in fairly generous amounts. I also sampled the plain cheese which was good, though in this case I preferred some toppings. The cheese used on the pizzas was good, but the crust was a little plain. I’m told that they also serve New York style pizza, so next time I will have to give that a try. Overall this is a solid pizza that I’m sure we will order often in the future.

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