While at the Big Band & Bigger Beer event last week, I had the opportunity to try Taco Azul. This food truck specializes in authentic tacos (2 for $5), burritos ($5), tortas ($7), and quesadillas ($5). Each item is available with chicken, pork, steak, or mushroom filling.  Everything is made fresh daily and local ingredients are used when possible.

Taco Azul Truck

I made the mistake of waiting too long before placing my order. When I finally did the pork was completely gone and there was only enough chicken for one taco. I was hoping to get one chicken and one pork taco. I decided to switch the pork over to mushroom. The tacos are served on corn tortillas with only onions and cilantro. Pico de gallo and lettuce can be added, as well as cheese for a quarter, but I decided to keep them simple.

Mushroom And Chicken Tacos

The menu doesn’t mention it but lime wedges are served with the tacos for squeezing onto the top. I decided to skip this step since the slices of lime I was given weren’t fresh, as evident in the photo above. Also wedges of radish are served on the side, which I wasn’t really sure what to do with. I started with the chicken taco and was immediately impressed with the spice and flavor of the chicken. The cilantro and onion add simple flavors to the taco but let the meat shine through. The mushroom taco wasn’t as nearly as flavorful, but was still a decent option for the vegetarians out there. In conclusion I enjoyed the food and I would definitely give them a second shot, especially if they have pork available this time.

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  1. Corey says:

    I was sad to see them raise their prices. Supposedly they got a new owner or something. You use to be able to get tacos for $2/each and on some days 3 for $5. I found the chicken pretty dry and liked their pork options better. I haven’t been back after my first visit because I usually only get it downtown and rather eat Chipotle or Taqueria Mercado for nearly the same price.

    I’m sure I’d go there again if I found it on the street outside of downtown.

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