My wife and I recently had our first sit down breakfast since moving back to Cincinnati. We walked up to The Echo in Hyde Park Square with our seven month old around 10am on a Sunday. Even though it was before the big after church rush, we still found a line out the front door full of groups waiting for an open table in the smaller sized diner. We decided to wait it out and were surprised to find that the line actually moved very quickly. We were seated and had food in front of us by 11am.

Red, White & Blueberries

I ordered the Red, White, and Blueberries off of the summer seasonal menu. This was a croissant French toast bake, topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream, with powdered sugar and syrup. As you can see in the photo above, the portion of French toast was pretty small. That was the only disappointing thing, as it tasted delicious. The thick cut croissant was perfectly crusted on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. The whipped cream was also excellent, and tasted like it was made from scratch in-house.

Potato Cakes

Since my breakfast was a little light, my wife offered to share her potato cakes with me. These reminded me of some potato pancakes that I made last year for a Oktoberfest party, including the parsley in the mix. I would definitely recommend these as a side to any dish. My wife had them on the side of her omelet, which she seemed to enjoy as well. There are many other things on the menu that I want to try, so we will definitely be back. It is the only breakfast place in Hyde Park Square so thankfully it lived up to our expectations.

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