For me none of the fast food burrito chains compare to Chipotle. I’ve had Qdoba and Moe’s both a number of times and though neither are bad options, I have always found the quality and taste of Chipotle to be superior to all else. Since moving back to Cincinnati I have seen a few different Hot Head Burrito locations, which is a local based chain that now has eighteen stores and still expanding. My wife and I finally decided to give them a try a few weeks ago.

Full Tray For Just Over $10

While walking from the parking lot to the front door we noticed that Sunday is two burritos for $10, which we happily took advantage of. I went with a spicy chicken burrito with half black and half pinto beans, pico salsa, and hot head sauce. The way that Hot Head Burritos tries to differentiate themselves from other burrito joints is by having a variety of sauces that can be added on top of your meal. My wife ordered a special burrito from a sign on the wall, which consisted mainly of pork with their sweet habanero sauce.

Huge Burrito

My burrito turned out gigantic! It actually broke when the employee tried to wrap it, and rather than dumping it into a new shell, she simply wrapped another one around the broken one. This might have killed some of the spiciness from my selections, as it wasn’t nearly as hot as I thought it was going to be. The spicy chicken is really just the same as the regular chicken with a little hot sauce squirted on top. The rice is really bland and the beans were not remarkable. Overall I wasn’t blown away by my burrito.

Burrito Guts

My wife seemed to enjoy hers a little more than I did, though again it didn’t appear to be anything spectacular. The chips and salsa were good, actually that was probably my favorite part of the meal, since I luckily choose the hot salsa, which finally provided the kick that I was searching for. As mentioned earlier, it was a very cheap meal, which I guess explains some of the quality issues that I felt the food had. Plus they do have a frequent visitor program with stickers that allows you turn earn free burritos. I think that I will only be back during a time of the regularly occurring sales, because at full price I would much rather have a burrito from Chipotle.

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  1. Corey says:

    I’ve been wanting to try them out. I agree with you though, I always seem to come back to Chipotle … : D

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