I’ve been slowly adding Cincinnati related blogs to my blogroll and have built up a pretty good collection. First are a handful of blogs dedicated to urban living in Cincinnati. ¬†UrbanCincy is a wonderful resource for happenings and events around downtown and the nearby neighborhoods. Somewhere Over the Rhine focuses more on the Over the Rhine neighborhood that is going through much¬†revitalization, but it also has other downtown related news.

As far as personal blogs go, it seems that 5chw4r7z is the most popular around. And for good reason, as his blog entries are full of great photography and tales of so many events from around town. Wine Me, Dine Me is a great resource for local restaurants and Hoperatives is my go to source for craft beer in the area.

A blog that I just found yesterday, Ault Park Sunrise, is nearing completion of the author’s attempt to document 40 sunrises in Eastern Cincinnati. He travels by bicycle to Ault Park, or other surrounding areas of town, to document the sunrises, as well as area history and nature. I found the photos to be great and the historical information to be very interesting. Eventually we will be living in this part of town, so I look forward to making similar adventures soon.

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  1. Curt Butscha says:

    I have been following UrbanCincy for a few years and it is a great source for what is happening in the urban core of Cincinnati. Also, it frequently writes articles that are otherwise demagogued or ignored by the suburban focused Enquirer.

    Don’t know if you have ever heard of Soapbox Cincinnati, but it’s another city orientated news source. They release a new online edition every Tuesday, and write great articles about many different facets of the city.


  2. Austin says:


    I’d also be honored if you would include our blog, diveswithoutwives.com to your blogroll. Once or twice a month a group of Cincy guys visit someplace our wives/girlfriends wouldn’t want to eat and write a little post about it.


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