After watching my dad run the Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday, a group of us headed for the Buckhead Mountain Grill for lunch. I’m no stranger to Buckhead as I have eaten there numerous times before moving away from Cincinnati. Their location in Northern Kentucky, right on the Ohio River, offers great views of the city and obviously the river. It was a little rainy and cool during our visit so we couldn’t take advantage of their great deck, but I have used it before and the views are even better out there.

One thing that really surprised me was that they actually have a pretty good selection of craft beer. I don’t recall that from prior visits, but that may be due to a non well-defined palate in my younger years. One thing I did remember was their delicious rolls and cinnamon butter that are served at the start of every meal. These were just as wonderful as I remembered them to be.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich with 911 sauce and a side of fried green tomatoes. The chicken sandwich was served covered in jalapeños in addition to the spicier sauce, but I didn’t find it to be overbearing. I would say it was definitely one of the better buffalo chicken sandwiches I have had in recent memory and at $7.99 it is probably one of the cheapest too. The fried green tomatoes were also quite good, though I have had better. Others in our group had the Durango wrap and the bruschetta turkey burger to name a few, and I didn’t hear any complaints on the food.

Fried Green Tomato

Another thing that was great was our service! We had eight adults, 1 child, and 3 babies in our group. Our server was very quick with all orders (and refills when needed) especially considering the size of our party. And at the end of the meal he offered to split up the check for us before we had to ask. I love when that happens!

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