Last night my wife, son, and I met up with some friends for dinner and drinks at Govnr’s Park. This was definitely not my first time here, in fact I believe it was one of the first places I visited on my first visit to Denver back in 2003.  Every time I enter the bar/restaurant I recall that first visit, and a couple of others in following years, that eventually convinced my wife and I to move to Denver.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

We started out on the patio with two for one happy hour drinks.  It is really hard to beat two pints of good beer for $5 total, or the even better deal of two 22 ouncers for just a dollar more.  Once the sun had set and the temperatures quickly dropped, we all headed inside for some dinner.  I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich, “the sandwich that originated here in 1989, often duplicated, never as good.”  Or at least that is what the menu claims.  Honestly, I have to disagree with their claim.  It was a good buffalo chicken, but I’ve had better.  The real standout out the meal for me were the side of fries, which were really thick cut potatoes coated in some delicious seasoning.  My wife had the surfin’ turkey, which she seemed to enjoy.  A friend of our had the ultimate grilled cheese, which was served on the thickest texas toast I have ever seen. All in all, it was a good dining experience.

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  1. Phil says:

    Haven’t had either, but just going off your pics the one at Smashburger looks better.

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