I’ve been meaning to review this restaurant for over a year now. Tocabe is an American Indian Eatery specializing in fry bread tacos. The taco starts with a puffy fried dough which is then topped with your choice of beans (black, chili, or pinto) along with a choice of meat (ground beef, grilled chicken, ground bison, shredded bison, or¬†vegetarian) as well as lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, sour cream, chipotle sauce, and a choice of salsa. There are a lot of choices, and an endless number of combinations, but I always get the chili beans, chicken, with all the toppings including a spicy salsa. This isn’t a taco that you can pick up and eat, at least not very easily, a fork and knife are required to enjoy.

American Indian Fry Bread Taco

Each of the four times I have visited Tocabe, I have fallen in love with the food and always tell myself that I should return more often. I guess that I would stop by more frequently if it wasn’t so far away from our house. There was a rumor flying around that they were going to open a second location last September, but nothing ever came of it. On our most recent visit, a Saturday evening, there were always customers ordering from the counter and there were very few tables unoccupied. I’d be surprised if more locations didn’t start popping up once the economy really starts to pick back up.

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