This week in sports was pretty boring, especially since I will be skipping bowling tonight.  My parents flew into town earlier today and we will be spending the weekend with them.  That means no work tomorrow!

I did have hockey last night, and we nearly knocked off the second place team in the league.  We are in ninth of twelve teams, so it would have been a huge victory for our team.  We played right with our opponents for the first half of the game.  By the middle of the second and the beginning of the third, we were being outmatched pretty clearly.  We still managed to stick with them and when the final buzzer rang the score was 8-6.  We only had 26 shots, as opposed to their 42, so it wasn’t really as close as the score indicated.  Our goalie played pretty well, and the other team’s goalie wasn’t that great.  One guy on their team had three of their goals, and now has sixty-seven total goals this season.  That is a ridiculous number of goals for only twenty games played.  The next closest has only thirty-five goals.  We only have one more game before the playoffs start and it doesn’t look like we’ll move much in the standings, probably not at all.

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