Crispy Buffalo SmashChicken

Saturday was filled with casual (but quite tasty) meals. For lunch my wife and I tried SmashBurger for the first time. Neither one of us are red meat eaters, so the place always sounded a little intimidating to us. However when we actually took the time to glance at the menu on the outside of the restaurant, we realized that it was actually right up our alley. In addition to the smashburgers they also have both grilled and crispy smashchicken sandwiches! I opted for the crispy buffalo smashchicken sandwich with Franks Buffalo Sauce, crumbled blue cheese, lettuce, tomato and may on an egg bun. My wife ordered the grilled spicy baja smashchicken with pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle mayo and fresh jalapeños on a chipotle bun. We also had a side of smashfries and sweet potato smashfries.

Grilled Spicy Baja SmashChicken

I thought that the buffalo smashchicken sandwich was excellent, but I must admit that I am a sucker for buffalo chicken sandwiches. There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary on this sandwich, though it wasn’t completely covered in Franks, which allowed the blue cheese to stand out a little more. I preferred this over my wife’s spicy baja, but that one was also very good. The sweet potato smashfries were perfect, while the smashfries required a little extra salt for our tastes. I was pleasantly surprised by SmashBurger and will definitely return. When I return I will probably try the BBQ ranch smashchicken or perhaps even build my own.


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