After losing in a shootout last week, my hockey team managed a victory in another overtime shootout game this week.  The game was Wednesday night, and since my family was still stuck in town, they all decided to come out for the game.  Kim brought along Trey for his first hockey game.  My team lead the way the entire game, though when regulation ended the score was tied at two.  The shootout started off slowly as neither team could score, but ended on our last shot when one of our players made a great move to beat the goalie easily.  We were in eighth place of twelve, but may move up to seventh after that big win.  I’m hoping we can climb into the top half of the league over the next few weeks.

Last night was the first night for another season of my work bowling league.  It started off pretty well for me, with a score of 115 in the first game.  This was above my average from last season, so I was happy.  And I followed it up with a solid 135.  This would be one of my better games in recent memory.  Finally I finished the night with a 105, which was still close to my average and above 100, so all in all it was a great night.  My average now is over 118, which is 10 pins higher than last season.  I hope this will continue for the remainder of the eight week season.

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