I received this email today from an executive at work:

I am pleased to inform you that you are a recipient of an Engineering Award from Harris Corporation for your work on the Virtualized FAME Enterprise Solution for the NGA for Deployment in the NEA Architecture Project. 

This award is quite prestigious within Harris – you were personally nominated within BCD; this nomination was ratified by the Cross Divisional Selection Committee; and then approved by BCD President Harris Morris and Harris Corporation Chairman, CEO and President Howard Lance.

We take great pride at Harris in the strength of our Engineers and Scientists and believe this creates differentiation and high value for the company.

Thank you for your contribution, and congratulations!

I’m not sure if there is an actual award or just a certificate that I can add to my collection.  Either way I’m pretty pumped!

3 Responses to “Innovation Award”
  1. Claire says:

    wow! nice job Ed!!! maybe it comes with a bonus :) proud of you!!!

  2. sr says:

    be sure to add this to your resume, nice job…

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