Last night I headed back to Dream Dinners for the second time.  Kim and I first visited before Trey was born so that we could stock up on easy to prepare meals that we could make once he was here.  This plan worked perfectly!  At the start of the week we take a few of the already prepared meals out of the freezer and then use them throughout the week.  This allows Kim to very easily prepare a delicious meal while staying home with our son.  She will be the first to admit that she can easily ruin a freezer to oven meal, but so far these recipes have been so easy to execute.

As an added bonus, everything that we’ve had has tasted wonderful, easily on par with restaurant foods and home cooking.  And since you actually put the meals together in the store, you know exactly what is going into them.  Mostly it is frozen meats as well as frozen or dried fruits and vegetables, along with spices and other condiments.  The quality of all the food products appears to be very good as well.  I would prefer to have some organic options, but they haven’t quite reached that level yet.  However their chicken meat is all antibiotic and hormone free!  I would highly recommend them to anyone who struggles preparing tasty, timely, and healthy meals at home.

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