Last night I had my first experience at a Brewery Bar restaurant.  Prior to our second childbirth class, my wife and I stopped in at Brewery Bar III for a quick meal.  I already knew that the restaurant wasn’t a brewery at all, but a local chain of Mexican restaurants.  Apparently the first in the chain of restaurants was inside the old Tivoli Brewery in downtown Denver.  With that bit of knowledge the name makes a little more sense.  

Margarita along with complimentary chips and salsa.

After reading that the margaritas were on special, I decided that I had to try one.  I wasn’t given an option to have salt on the rim, but happily mine came served that way anyway.  The drink was good.  I wish the same could be said for the chips and salsa.  The chips are obviously not fresh prepared, and I’m not sure if the salsa is either.  It could have easily come right out of a jar.  If it was in a jar, it would have been labeled spicy.  Perhaps the spiciness was the only redeeming character.  At this point I wasn’t expecting much from the meal.  

Three chicken soft tacos.

I decided to try the special of the day, which was three tacos and a margarita for only $8.95.  I had already ordered the margarita for the happy hour price of $4, so this was an easy choice.  I was given the option of having hard or soft tacos, as well as either beef or chicken.  I went with chicken soft tacos.  At this price I wasn’t expecting too much, especially after the chips and salsa tasting.  Unfortunately my expectations were met.  The tacos were very plain, though I added some taco sauce which did help some.  Still they were filling and very cheap.  

Combo 1: crisp chili relleno and a smothered burrito.

The redeeming dish of the night was what my wife ordered, the Combo 1 featuring a crisp chili relleno and a smothered chicken burrito.  She choose to have it all smothered in both hot and mild green chili.  The hot green chili was definitely hot, but was by far my highlight of the meal.  The chili relleno was also very delicious.  The smothered chicken burrito was as to be expected, but also hit the spot with the addition of green chili.  Green chili makes everything better.  If we decide to eat here again I will be sure to try dishes that are served with their selection of chilis.

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  1. Phil says:

    “Green chili makes everything better. ”
    That is a fact.

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