Last night I saw the Blue Man Group for the first time.  Kim has season tickets to a series of plays with a group of girls and one of them couldn’t make it last night, so I gladly took her place.  Having never seen them before I only really expected to see them play their PVC pipe style instruments for an hour and a half.  And while they did do plenty of that, there was so much comedy mixed in to the act.  That was the surprising thing for me.  I actually laughed way more than I expected.

Since the blue men do not speak, they rely on great visual effects and the occasional voiceover to provide the comedy.  Whether it be Twinkie filling shooting out of their chest, or paint flying from their mouths and drums, the visual effects are wonderful.  There is also a fair amount of audience participation, some of which has to be staged, at least a little bit.  Regardless having members of the audience up on stage helps add to the humor and really captures everyones attention.

I believe that this national tour just started, so be on the lookout for when they come to your town.  I would highly recommend it.  Check out the video above for brief clips from the show.

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