I had another night of inconsistent bowling last night.  It all started off great with a score of 150 for the first game.  This was the highest score for the entire league last night.  However my second game ended with a pathetic score of 77.  The third game was improved, finishing the night with 109 pins.  My average for the entire season is 110, and I think that will remain the same after this weeks results.  My team played against the first place team, and we beat them two out of three games.  Our team remains in second place, one point behind the first place team.

My hockey game two nights ago was pretty mediocre as well.  Our team lost the game 4-2, but I managed to score our first goal and was on the ice for the second.  So even if my team is doing poorly, at least my play is improving.

Finally, my fantasy football teams went undefeated this past week.  I moved up to third place in one league, and remain in fourth in the other two, though one is technically a tie with Kim’s dad.  I have tough matchups this week in two of the leagues as I go head to head with the first place teams.  In the other league I am playing against the last place team.  I’m predicted to win all three.  In the pick’em games I remain in third for college and eighth for NFL.

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