Over the weekend I made my first visit to Swing Thai.  My wife had tried their food once before, but neither of us had ever dined in.  There is a location close to our house (301 S. Pennsylvania) but we always seemed to pass it up when heading out for Thai food.  The nearby Thai Basil gets most of our business.  Since we were on foot, and Swing Thai is a few blocks closer to home, we decided to give it a try.

Immediately I was amazed at how small this location is.  You can see that it is small from the outside, but it was even smaller than I expected.  The nice thing about the small size is that the kitchen is very close and the wonderful smells greet you right away upon entry.  We were seated at a small table in the middle of the room.  The service was alright, though it did take awhile to get our drinks, just a water and iced green tea.  Refills came much quicker and the food was served quickly too.

I decided to try the Jungle Curry, while my wife had the Pad Thai.  The curry came with a warning of it being hot, but I didn’t think it was too spicy.  It was a little more soupy than I’m used to, but the vegetables were wonderful.  I was a little shocked at the serving size of the dish.  Typically when ordering curry at other restaurants I’ve been given so much that it often supplies enough leftovers for multiple lunches.  The serving of curry here was much smaller and I had no problem eating it all.  The Pad Thai was closer to the normal service size, but perhaps still a little small.  We left with absolutely no leftovers.  Despite this complaint, the food was very good and of the highest quality.

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