I finally made it out to Jack-n-Grill this past Sunday.  We have wanted to try it ever since one of my wife’s cousins alerted us to its existence when he saw it on The Travel Channel’s Man v. Food.  I didn’t visit to conquer the seven pound burrito that the TV show host attempted to eat, I just wanted to sample some regular sized meals.  Fortunately for me, their meals are far from normal sized. 

We arrived at the original location in the middle of the afternoon and were immediately seated at a table directly next to the kitchen.  There is a large glass window that allows diners to view the kitchen and the preparation of their food.  We started with the chips and salsa, which only cost $1.  I knew we were in for a spicy meal the second I tasted the salsa.  I remember it burning my mouth right away, but it was very delicious.  Before long we watched as our meals were quickly assembled in the kitchen and then delivered right away to our table. 

I ordered a chicken burrito smothered in both red vegetarian and pork green chile, also known as Christmas style.  I was given the option to have sour cream and guacamole added, which I agreed to.  My wife ordered the plate of four gorditas, choosing one each of refritos, chicken, chicken and bean, and breakfast.  These are deep-fried sopapillas that are again served with choice of chiles for dipping.  We decided to split both meals, and I’m glad we did.  The gorditas were delicious!  The burrito was also good, with the standout items being both chiles.  The pork green chile was very hot and full of flavor. 

Finishing the last bits of my smothered burrito.


Even though we were very hungry, we could not finish all the food, as the burrito was very large in addition to the serving of four stuffed sopapillas.  The prices seemed fair, $10 for each of the meals, though I wasn’t aware that the guacamole and sour cream on my burrito would be extra.  $2 for one scoop of guacamole seems pretty high to me.  I would recommend ordering the guacamole as an appetizer and saving some for your meals, if desired.  Overall I left the restaurant happy and completely full.  Their menu is very long, so I hope to make it back to sample more in the future. 

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