We’ve had the new TV up and running for a couple of weeks now, and are finally starting to watch some things in HD.  We still have a backlog of recorded shows on the DVR that were not recorded in HD, so we have to get through those as well.  I’m already noticing that the DVR is filling much quicker with the HD recordings.  I’m aware of an updated cable box from Comcast that has a bigger hard drrive, but I need to clear this one off before making the switch.

Anyway, some of the new shows this fall that I’ve been enjoying are Mike & Molly, The Event, Chase, and Outsourced.  We have been also watching Better With You, Modern Family, Parenthood, and Raising Hope.  None of these have really become favorites of mine, but I can tolerate them enough to watch.  We tried My Generation, and that show definitely deserved to be canceled.  I’m curious to see if any of these can reach into my list of favorites, joining How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, and The Big Bang Theory.

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