Last night I finally saw my first SoundRabbit performance of 2010.  It had been quite awhile since I last saw them play, so Kim and I headed to The Walnut Room last night after a benefit event for Colorado CASA.  This was my first time at this venue, though we recently ate at their newly opened second location.  The main room of the place feels very similar to the newer location, and that is all that is visible from the front door.  I asked the employee at the door if this was the right place, and we soon realized that the concert room is behind another door in the far corner of the dining area.

At first I didn’t think anyone was playing, but after we opened the second door we were greeted with the sounds of music.  It was amazing how sound proof the walls must be.  I didn’t catch the name of the duo that was playing when we walked it, but we listened to a few of their songs before they were finished.  The concert room was nice, with an abundance of high-top tables and chairs, and the sound system was really good.  Before long SoundRabbit took the stage and quickly setup their equipment.  They had told us earlier that they arrived too late to get a sound-check before the show, so it all had to be done on the fly.  Obviously the mix wasn’t the best ever, but they still sounded really good.  We took our neighbors along with us and they both seemed to really enjoy the show as well.  I hope I don’t wait too long to catch another of their performances.

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