Over the weekend I found my new favorite little Italian Restaurant in Denver, the Saucy Noodle Ristorante. It’s not even two miles from our house, but it’s not in an area of town that we regularly visit. I guess there are too many other places nearby for us to venture too far out very often.  Kim and I played a round of racquetball after work on Friday, and afterward decided to get some food.  We thought about grabbing something close to the University of Denver, where we workout, but an upcoming hockey game had packed all the restaurants.  So we headed north on University Boulevard and ended up in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood.

We found a parking spot directly outside the Saucy Noodle and headed inside.  The restaurant was actually bigger than I was expecting it to be, and it was pretty well packed.  We were told it would be up to twenty minutes for a table.  We decided to stick around and ordered a couple of drinks from the small bar.  We were seated before finishing our drinks, so the wait wasn’t too long.  Kim decided that she wanted to have pizza and ordered one with their spicy hot Arrabbiatta Sauce.  I decided on the Stuffed Shells Florentine, which are filled with a creamy Mixture of Fresh Cheeses, Parsley, and Spinach. Both dishes were excellent, as was the side salad that came with my meal. The Arrabbiatta sauce was definitely spicy and delicious, but I’m glad that I also got to sample their equally delicious and famous garlic marinara sauce. We will absolutely be back!

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