Last night I finally finished watching The National Parks: America’s Best Idea series on PBS.  The six-episode series, directed by Ken Burns, details the full history of the National Park Service.  Though it was a bit lengthy at times, most of the old photos and updated videos were amazing to see.  Some of the narration was slow, and I did fall asleep a couple of times, but watching the series made me realize how badly I’d like to see many of the various national parks in the system.  By my count, I have only been to nine of the fifty-eight national parks.  So I still have a long way to go in seeing all the parks, but fortunately there are some on the list that are nearby and I would love to visit those soon.

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  1. Tracey says:

    Awesome documentary! I haven’t finished it yet, but it makes me want to see more of the national parks too.

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