Friday night Kim and I were both feeling a little tired and worn down, so we decided to order some pizza in and watch a movie. After browsing through the On Demand selections, we only saw a couple of movies that we were familiar with. One that stuck out in my mind was Role Models, which I remember seeing a few previews for and laughing at those. Not wanting anything too serious, we decided to give it a try.

The premise of the movie is two co-workers (also on/off again friends) get in trouble and instead of heading to jail get the option to be mentors for a couple of kids. One of their “littles” is a younger kid with a fowl mouth who is proud of the fact that none of his past big brothers has lasted more than a day. The other little brother is an older geek who participates in medieval role playing games with others. The diversity in the group leads to some hilarious scenes throughout the film.

The plot is fairly predictable, with one of the main characters getting back together with his girlfriend in the ending sequence, but aren’t most successful comedies? Kim and I both thoroughly enjoyed the movie and it provided a great opportunity for us to rest up for the rest of the weekend. More on the weekend later…

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