After a week of being tied for first place in an adult hockey league, my team is now solely sitting back atop the leader board. Actually we were technically in second place as another team had scored more goals than us, but that didn’t matter when we beat that same team last night. It was probably the hardest our team has skated this season.

For myself the game started off great. I was playing defense yet again, but that didn’t stop me from breaking the puck up the ice a few times. The first time I rushed up I actually scored a goal, my second of the season. I had a sweet give-and-go with another player on our team. From there my team put it another goal toward the end of the first period. The second period was our opponents’ period, as they evened the score at two.

In the third period they were quick to score another goal and take the lead. However my team fought hard and finally tied the game at three, where it stood until the end of regulation. From there we moved on to an overtime shootout. I was asked to take one of our three shots, but declined after taking a hard shot to the shin with just seconds left in the game. The puck hit me just above my bad ankle, and I wasn’t certain of my status. Fortunately our team is awesome in shootouts, with both of our first two players making their shots and our goalie making equally great saves on the other team’s first two. We didn’t even need our third shooter to claim the victory. And I’m happy to say that the shot I took had no effect on my ankle!

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