Kim and I have been running fools recently, and this weekend was no exception. After staying up way too late Friday night, we woke up way too early Saturday morning to run in the Race for Dreams 5K in Washington Park. The park is less than a mile from our house, so we just walked over in our pajamas a few minutes before the race was scheduled to start. Pajamas were the encouraged attire for the themed race. Fortunately it was cool enough in the morning for me to sport a pair of pajama pants.

The race had about 300 participants, which was a good turn out for the first time event. For us the run started off a little rough, as we were still feeling the effect of the previous night’s party. However we were eventually able to find a nice pace and finished in a time of 26:10, or just under eight and half minute miles. Not too bad for how we felt. Our time was good enough for Kim to receive an award for second place in the female age 26-40 group. The same cannot be said for myself as there are always way more guys ahead of me. It was a well put together race and we look forward to seeing it again next year.

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