Another hockey game last night and another win. That’s two in a row! I honestly can’t tell you the last time that has happened. Once the stats from last week were finally posted, I found out that I was credited with two assists in our 5-1 victory. Well I took a look at the score sheet from last night’s 5-3 win and I was given two more assists, taking the two game total to four. That may just be enough to be leading the league. We’ll see once the stats are posted.

Unfortunately I added two penalties to my stats as well. Since a couple of the regular defensemen were missing, I was moved back to play D for the game. I got called for our team’s first penalty, a very weak tripping call. Yes, the guy did fall, but I don’t think my stick was the reason for it. He should have received an academy award for his dive. And in the third period I received another penalty for interference, which was an okay call. I just wish the referee would have called the elbow that the other player delivered to my face mask. It even drew a little blood on my lip.

Our team has a rule that the player who gets the first penalty has to bring locker room beer for the following week, so I’ll be doing the honors next week. Hoping to make it three in a row.

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