Wow, my adult hockey team won yet another game last night! For those of you who have lost count, that is now three in a row. As per usual, the stats from the game are not yet online, but I do know that I had one assist in the game. Once again I was playing defense, but still managed to get some great passing and shots on the goal. Unfortunately, I peaked at the score sheet after the game, and I was not credited with the assist. That’s alright, as I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually have all four of my previously credited assists. I just hope that I’m still the league leader in assists after the game. Check out the league statistics leaders and notice my name on there three times.

At one point in our game last night, it looked like our winning streak was going to come to an end. We were down 4-2 with around five minutes left in the game. Surprisingly, we snuck in two quick goals around the three or four minute mark. The game ended in regulation with score tied at four. From there we moved on to the overtime shootout. Each team had three chances to score, and we only needed two. The other team shot first and missed. Next a guy from our team took full advantage and scored on his shot. Then the other team missed again, we missed our chance, and finally the other team missed their last shot. We didn’t even need our third attempt to take the game 5-4. I’m really liking winning for a change.

4 Responses to “Go For One More”
  1. claire says:

    winning is good~ not sure if you should be so proud to be on the penalty minute leader board :)

  2. Kim says:

    I noticed that too Claire – Penalty Minute Leaders – Ed Paff

  3. Phil says:

    Ed “The Enforcer”

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