Kim stayed home from work today, as they had a new phone/internet system installed in her office. That combined with the gorgeous weather outside (it’s seriously 75 out and we have the windows open) forced us outside during our lunch break. She decided to go for a nice run, and while I considered doing the same, I ended up on the bike figuring I shouldn’t push it too hard with my newly reusable ankle.

After a good workout, we headed back home, but decided we should stop for some lunch along the way. A new little restaurant opened up a few weeks ago just a couple blocks from home. We had yet to visit Vert Kitchen and thought it was about time we do so. I had already glanced at the menu when it first opened, so I knew I was going to have the curry chicken salad sandwich. Kim decided to go with the house roasted turkey sandwich. Both came served with a small side of their awesome mashed potato salad. We decided to split the two sandwiches, and I was equally impressed with them both. Either one would be highly recommended.

As far as the restaurant goes, when we arrived there were plenty of open tables. While we enjoyed our meal, the restaurant became filled to capacity. True, it only seats about a dozen people at a time, but it has only been open for a short period of time. I had no idea the demand for a restaurant was so high in the neighborhood. But I guess I should have known it would turn out to be so popular as it’s the only place to grab something to eat this side of Wash Park. We will definitely be back soon, I just hope there will be a seat for me the next time I do.

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  1. claire says:

    I’m so jealous! I want to be in Denver… 75 degrees? seriously! it’s in the 40’s here but we are suppose to reach the 60’s by the weekend!

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