Last night, I noticed that the Wii was not connecting to the internet as it should. I checked my computer and sure enough the internet connection was down, though all lights on the cable modem and router looked okay. I gave up on it until this morning, hoping that the issue would resolve itself. Well it didn’t, so I first removed the router from my connection and plugged my PC directly into the cable modem. After refreshing everything, my connection was working again. So I was able to get onto work, but I really needed to get the router back inline so everything else would work.

So after awhile, I plugged the router back in, restored the factory settings, did a hard reset, and still no internet. I was baffled! So I started to think that maybe the router had gone bad. I even went so far as to look for a new one online, which I could pick up during lunch from Best Buy. I then remembered all of the open source firmware available for the router, Linksys WRT54G, and decided to try one of these out. I figured the worst I could do was completely break the router, which was already not working for me. After consulting with my adviser, I opted for DD-WRT and quickly got it installed. Incredibly, it worked right away! All I had to do from there was re-configure all of my port forwards, wireless security, etc. I don’t know why the official firmware wasn’t working for me, but I’m glad this one is, and I’m really liking the advanced functionality.

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