While catching up on some blog reading over lunch today, I stumbled upon an article on Boing Boing discussing a recent visit to Casa Bonita. Just a little bit of background, this is a Mexican themed restaurant in Denver that features cliff divers, escaping gorillas, cowboy shootouts, lost caves and caverns, amusement arcade and more. It has always been a favorite to local children since it’s opening in early 70’s, and has established a bit of a cult following after being featured in an episode of South Park. If anyone knows where I can view this episode online, please let me know.

Anyway, I was reminded of the first time we had heard of this restaurant. Back in April of 2007 friends from KC, the Kenagy’s and the Martin’s, visited us in Denver. In an email, Kelly Martin mentioned a restaurant in Denver with cliff divers and food that was rated as marginal. Though we didn’t get around to visiting Casa Bonita during their trip, Kim never forgot about the restaurant and decided to drag Amy and I there during a visit of her own.

None of us that went to Casa Bonita that day will ever forget our first (and currently only) experience with the restaurant. The food was definitely marginal at best, bordering on inedible would also be a proper description. And the entertainment was ridiculously amusing, though I’m sure with the right amount of alcohol it could have been much funnier. As most commenter’s on the Boing Boing article mention, the sopaipillas were probably the highlight of the adventure. Any visitors to Denver, consider yourself warned.

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  1. Phil says:

    OK screw Benny’s, I want to go to Casa Bonita next time!!! Sounds awesome!!

  2. Amy says:

    Oh Phil…you should really go – seriously the best 2 hours of my life – AMAZING! Ok – that might a little big of an fib – but the dessert things were good. Oh my god -Ed, this made me laugh so hard. Funniest experience in denver today for sure!

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