Two weeks ago I added a couple of clownfish to my saltwater tank. Well I have good news, they are both still alive and both doing really well. These guys are pigs and eat most of the food before anything else can get to it. They are very active and swim all over the tank. They like playing tag, or establishing dominance, depending on what way you look at it. I think this is all a part of growing up, and I’m still hoping that I’ll end up with a mating pair when it’s all said and done. I finally took the camera out and spent a few minutes taking some pictures. They really seemed to like posing for me, so I’ll be sure to take more as they grow older. All of the pictures can be found in this photo album.

Even Closer

4 Responses to “Alive And Doing Well”
  1. claire says:

    ahhhh… they are so cute!

  2. Doni says:

    Do they have the exact same markings or can you tell them apart?

  3. edpaffjr says:

    Their markings are different, so they can be told apart. Actually I tell them apart now pretty easily because one is a little bigger (and meaner) than the other.

  4. Toni Busch says:

    That’s Nemo isn’t it?

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