Well, crap! My clownfish died over the weekend, lasting only a few days in my tank. He was pretty small and wild caught, which I guess means more prone to and often already having diseases. I’m betting that the store I got him from didn’t quarantine him in their store for very long, and he would have died regardless of what tank he was in, mine or theirs. I checked all of my water parameters and everything seems be be perfectly fine, so this is my only explanation. I guess that’s what I get for trying to save a few bucks on the fish. There are other stores in the area that have higher prices for the same thing, but I know that they are quarantining their fish. The exact date the fish entered the store is often displayed, and they will not sell them for at least a couple of weeks. You get what you pay for, right? I just hope the rest of my tank is okay and that I won’t have any other problems. I’ll probably give it a week or two before I add anything else back into the tank.

2 Responses to “Poor Nemo”
  1. claire says:

    didn’t Nemo come with a guarantee? I know when I use to buy you fish they were guaranteed for 48 hours I think… but I’m sure things have changed and Nemo was probably more expensive than the guppies and swordtails I use to buy you.

  2. edpaffjr says:

    No guarantee from this store. Actually, I don’t think any of the saltwater stores have a guarantee, probably since the fish are so expensive. Oh well, live and learn.

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