I added another fish to my tank today, a clownfish. I always have wanted one of these fish, and now I finally have one. The Clownfish was the winner of the poll from a couple of weeks ago, so it was an easy decision at the store. It looks like some people liked the Royal Gramma as well, so maybe I’ll get one of those sometime. I still have room for at least one more fish, but I’m taking my time adding to the tank.

The Cardinalfish from before is still doing well in the tank. He’s a little shy, but is slowly coming out from his hiding spot more and more. I also have five of the original six hermit crabs roaming around the tank. One of them disappeared early on, and I’m still not sure what happened to him. These little guys took out my snails that I initially bought with them. They are quite feisty and have big appetites. So I added another snail last week. This one is bigger than the others were and it seems to be able to escape from the crabs, at least so far. I’ll try to get some updated pictures soon.

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