We didn’t do much cooking while Kim’s brothers were visiting us. We did, however, find a great pizza delivery chain in Denver. Blackjack Pizza operates 45 restaurants in four states, but most are in the Denver metro. This is not gourmet pizza and it does not try to be. This is delivery pizza that competes with the standard national chains. What sets them apart is that their prices are cheaper than the national chains, and their pizzas taste better!

We had the Western BBQ Chicken pizza, a pepperoni pizza, and an order of CinnaBread. The BBQ Chicken was better than what I’ve had at Papa John’s, but still not as good as a gourmet pizza. However, for the price it is very tough to beat. Kim’s brothers seemed to enjoy the pepperoni. And we all loved the CinnaBread. It was delicious and we even had enough leftover for breakfast the next morning. I’m sure we’ll be ordering from Blackjack again soon.

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2 Responses to “Pizza Is Our Passion”
  1. Ryan says:

    What the hell is gourment pizza?

    We talkin larosas or big pappy’s

  2. edpaffjr says:

    Haha. Big Pappy’s, where size DOES matter.

    By the way, can someone send us some LaRosa’s sauce? I made a pizza the other night and it was definitely missing that sauce!

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