In the little free time that we have, we’ve been trying to catch up on our recorded TV shows before we loose them all in the move. Last night we made it through just about all of the remaining episodes of Survivor: Cook Islands. The only thing left is the second half of the reunion show, which I’m not sure we’ll watch all of. I’m sure we have some other recordings that should take a higher priority.

Anyway, I was a little surprised by the outcome of the finale. I always figured that Yul had a good shot at winning, but I wasn’t sure if he would get the most votes from the jury after some of his actions. This was especially true when it came down to the final three. At that point I thought that Ozzy would win for sure. If the jury wasn’t able to ask questions to each of the final three, I still think that Ozzy would have won. But after watching Yul win everyone over at the last tribal council, I wasn’t too surprised by the results.

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