Over the weekend we made the obligatory appearance at the Plaza Art Fair. I say obligatory because I think we’ve gone every year since we’ve lived in Kansas City, even though the only things we’ve ever bought are overpriced beers and maybe a little food. I enjoy some of the works that are on display, especially some of the photography. Other pieces look like they could have been done by Kamala, the painting elephant. Perhaps my opinions are in the minority, but you may want to compare some of Kamala’s paintings to those of artists and even a preschooler. It’s not that we couldn’t use a little art for the house, we could, but no way I’m paying the obscene prices I saw on Saturday.

5 Responses to “75th Annual Plaza Art Fair”
  1. Phil says:

    Where’s the hockey game summary?

  2. edpaffjr says:

    Despite spending the entire afternoon in the bar watching football with you, I still managed to have a decent game. Our team played great and we ended up winning the game 9-8. It was a fun one!

  3. RLW says:

    No comments on the Sunday afternoon football game. Glad to hear you won your hockey game. Sorry we didn’t get to sit at the bar and watch the game with you and Kim. Maybe next time.

  4. edpaffjr says:

    The game was awesome, of course. Bengals are still sitting atop the AFC North with a 3-0 record! Tell Josh I said, “Better luck next time.” :)

  5. claire says:


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