Before Kim headed down to Pinehurst for work in May we were golfing fairly regularly, but after her trip we pretty much quit. With that being said, I’m not entirely sure how I was convinced to play 18 holes this weekend with a few friends of ours. Prior to this weekend I had never played 18 holes and typically I had only played at one “practice” nine hole course.

Our tee time was for 11:30AM on Saturday way out in Olathe, Kansas at Heritage Park. Despite being outside for over five hours, I enjoyed most of it and played much better than I thought I would. My final score was 101, which was much better than the 120 I predicted. And to top it all off, I didn’t even cheat that much! It made it easier when the guy I was sharing a cart with was even worse than me. He didn’t have his own clubs so he borrowed a set of irons and put them in one of those bags used to hold a folding chair. It was hilarious! I wish I had my camera with me. Overall, I think all four of us had a good time. Maybe I’ll even do it again one day.

Does anyone have recommendations for golf score tracking sites? Something to track your handicap and such…

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  1. sr says:

    if you want to track your official handicap, you can sign up for a ghin number at a local golf course. it usually costs around $20 a year and once you have a number, you can enter your scores on line at or use the computer in most pro-shops. once you have played 10 rounds of 18 holes you will get an index number that is used at every golf course to calculate your handicap.

    by the way 101 is pretty good for your first time, nice shooting…

  2. Amy says:

    Try this…

    when I was in some stupid marketing class at UC, developing a site for that exact thing was one of my projects….too bad I didn’t follow through!

  3. edpaffjr says:

    I’m not sure that I’m ready for an official handicap. I found that yahoo has something: It seems to be pretty simple and should work for now. I have a bunch of old scorecards that I should enter in from playing with Kim, although they are all non-qualifying nine hole rounds.

  4. sr says:

    9 hole rounds should be comibined by the tracking software to generate an 18 hole score and handicap. at least that is the way the ghin site works…

  5. edpaffjr says:

    I’ll have to mess around with them, but I have to find the score cards first. That could be a challenge.

  6. Ryan says:

    I want to play you Ed, that way I can get the confidence in my game back up.

  7. edpaffjr says:

    Good one. Shouldn’t you be looking for flights to KC???

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