I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but I now have remote desktop setup on my computers at home so I can connect to them from work or any other place that has a connection to the Internet. Brilliant! I got the idea from my buddy Nate who I was hanging out with this past weekend. We were at the airport and he was connecting into his PC when this idea hit me. I thought, “why don’t I have that setup?” So that’s what I did yesterday.

The tricky part was trying to figure out which computer to connect to, since I do have two of them. I decided to connect into my PC where I do most of my work, the newer machine. This was done easily since I already have a domain name that points to that machine. At the same time though I wanted to be able to connect to my web server, so I could restart Apache if needed or edit my configuration. It was at that point that I realized all I needed to do was setup remote desktop on that machine as well. Once I connect in to my newer machine I can then remote desktop to the web server and have full control there.

It’s kind of slow, but I’m not sure how I ever lived without this!

7 Responses to “RDP Me”
  1. ed paff sr says:

    welcome to the 21st century :)

  2. Phil says:

    You can change the remote desktop port on one of the machines too, and then hit either of them. (With VNC at least, I imagine you can do the same /w remote desktop.)

    Sounds like they need to tighten up your firewalls at the office, letting you get away with too much!!

  3. edpaffjr says:

    Good point about the ports, I may try that. But then it’s just another number to try and remember. The connection after remoting into the web server is much slower though.

    VNC sucks. How can you use that? I have to use it here at work for one of my connections and it’s so slow. My remote connection to home is faster and the machine I VNC to is here in the office.

    Note to self: Do not let Phil work with you. Tightening up firewalls? Sheesh! He will ruin all your fun.

  4. ed paff sr says:

    yes i agree vnc sucks, thats why i have been using remote desktop. i thought firewalls were for blocking incoming, not outgoing :)

  5. Phil says:

    yeah, those of us who have decided to move to linux have to use what we got though. (due to boredom, or stupidy, or… i can’t really remember the reason i moved off windows.)

    firewalls at our office go the “gross overkill” route. we get http, https, and ftp out; that’s it. supposed to make me more productive or something, i dunno. doesn’t work.

  6. ed paff sr says:

    linux (unix) rules, i hate windows. i am one of the last guys here at work who has a unix system on my desk :)

  7. edpaffjr says:

    The geekiness on my site has just reached an all time high. Congrats!

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