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I finally got around to watching the second season final of Chuck last night. And all I kept thinking is how is it possible that this series is still in jeopardy of being canceled. It is easily my favorite one hour show currently on TV, and there are many others that would agree with me. In fact, the show won top honors in USA Today’s Save Our Shows poll. There is even a twitter account dedicated to the cause. Zach Levi, the star of the show, is now saying, “the chances are good that we’ll come back.” The decision is to be made Monday.

Chuck in 3D

After work yesterday I spent some time searching grocery stores, drug stores, and department stores for special 3D glasses that were given away the past few weeks for use during the Super Bowl and for last nights episode of Chuck. No one at the party we attended for the game had the 3D glasses so we couldn’t use them for the commercials, but I really wanted to get a hold of some for the Chuck episode. Unfortunately, my search didn’t turn up any results. I still haven’t watched the episode in hopes that I can find some glasses, but I’m beginning to think it’s a lost cause. Has anyone seen any of these things?

Earth’s Last Eden

With the onset of fall weather comes the new season of TV shows. Just as it starts to get cooler outside, the good old DVR goes into double time recording all of the new episodes of our favorite shows. In fact, I had to find a way to tune into a third channel this past Monday to watch something live as we can only record two shows at a time. Tonight, a new season of the show Survivor starts and I’m pumped! Also, I’m glad to see My Name Is Earl back with new episodes once again. And obviously I can’t wait for the second season premier of Chuck next Monday. Anyone watching any new shows that are worth trying out?

Opening Ceremony Tonight

The Olympics start tonight. I’m pumped and have already set the DVR to record everything. I wonder how long it will take before it gets full, especially since I’ll be away this weekend and early next week. Go USA!

TV Will Rot Your Brains

Where have all of the good TV shows gone? I know that things typically slow down during the summer with the nice weather outside, but having been on crutches recently there isn’t much I can do. Though I must note that my ankle is getting better by the day. I am back on my own feet, though things are still a bit tender, so no activities yet. Back to TV though, we’ve been forced to watch crappy shows like Farmer Wants a Wife and re-runs of shows from our DVR backlog. I’m not sure how much longer I can take it before I swear off TV completely.

American Idle

The real season of American Idol has finally started. It’s nice to have some television to watch again. Since we’ve been so busy recently, we’ve only been watching about an hour a night. So we haven’t seen all of the girls performances from last night yet, but will hopefully get to them tonight. Maybe we’ll even be able to squeeze in the results show too. Though the judges are calling this the most talented group they’ve ever had, I’m not really hearing it. Sure there are some good ones, but I feel like the majority of the performances I’ve seen and heard have been pretty average. Maybe it’s just first week jitters and the competition will heat up from here. That’s what I’m hoping.

Enough With The Strike

It seems like the TV schedule is finally picking up again, at least a little bit. I guess this writers’ strike is affecting more than I ever would have thought. One thing that it can’t control is American Idol, which is currently showing the tryouts which will kick off another season of the show. These are the episodes full of terrible singers and weird people. It’s entertaining but I can’t wait for the real show to start.

Another show that is back on is Chuck. After the first season of the show was over, I wasn’t sure if it would last only that season and then be canceled. Fortunately, those thoughts were way off. I’m not sure why the writers’ strike isn’t taking its toll on this show, but I’m glad to see it back on the air!

Are there any others worth mentioning?

Another Amazing Race

I’m so glad that the Amazing Race is back on TV! It is always one of my favorite shows to watch. The first episode of the twelfth season aired on Sunday. If you’ve never seen the show before, now would be a good time to set your DVR to record the show. If you’ve seen the show before, I’m sure you are watching it again. The first team to get kicked off didn’t really interest me, so no loss there. It’s still too early to pick any favorites, but I’m always a sucker for a hippie team. I can’t wait to see what happens this week on the second episode.

No More Chicken

Is anyone else excited for the upcoming TV season? Survivor China started last night and I already watched it. I love Survivor and I think this season will be full of good entertainment. Plus it is cool to see the show take place in a setting that’s much different than normal. I wonder if there are any panda bears on the islands? That would add an interesting twist.

Anyway, are there any other shows that I should record this fall?

We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

With the Tour de France over, and the lack of other good TV shows on, I’ve been watching a bunch of “Shark Week” on Discovery this week. With an upcoming trip to Hawaii in September, it’s probably not the best idea though, especially since Kim wants to try surfing while we are there. Watching shark attacks on TV makes me want to avoid the ocean completely, not to mention never think about surfing again. Just the other night I had a dream that not only did a plane I was on crash into the ocean, we were then attacked by sharks while waiting to be rescued. That’s probably the final sign that I should find something else to watch.