So this weekend was fun. The Rodeo on Friday was interesting. We walked around before hand and saw a big auction for all of these cows that were selling for around $1000. Crazy! Then we saw the bull riders and the clowns, and those guys are nuts. After that, we were treated to a concert by Trace Adkins. :)

Saturday, Kim and I ran 5 miles. I’m still not sure why I have to run 5 miles while training for a 3 mile race. But we did it, and I didn’t really hurt that much after it!

We also went to a play yesterday. The Front Page. It was actually really good and funny. I think I may go to plays more often. Tickets were supposed to be really expensive, but we pretended to be UMKC students and got them for $6 since it was day of the show, haha.

Today I setup an interview with Optimal Solutions for Thursday. I hope everything with my job stuff works out ok…

I’m hoping to catch some OAR shows in the next week. Hopefully I can make it to all 3 of them!

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