My attempt to complete the Jenny Challenge this year is over and I did not finish the 100 miles before Christmas. I’ve continued to log my miles and I should break the century mark tomorrow, as long as the weather is good. My biggest challenge for this year was getting miles in on the weekends. Now that we are back in Cincinnati there is always something going on during the weekends, and any free time we have we like to spend with Trey, doing things that he likes.

Most of my fantasy football games are now over as well. I ended up winning one league, taking home $180! I finished in 4th place in another league, but still won $70. ┬áIn my other two leagues I finished 7th and 11th. My total entry fees were $125, which I was able to double with my $250 combined winnings. There is still one week left in the pick’em game (currently 1st) and the salary cap game (currently 4th) but no money is on the line in either.

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