Today I was reading about The Six-Pack Project from the author of This Is Why I’m Drunk. Basically the idea is to get six beer bloggers from six different states to post a list of six beers that best represents each state and/or the state’s beer culture. I first heard of this today while reading Queen City Drinks’ post for Ohio and Hoperatives’ post for Kentucky. Tom, the author of the Queen City Drinks post, picked a couple of Cincinnati beers for his Ohio selections. This got me thinking about my favorite beers from Cincinnati. The two that he picked would also be in my list (the first two) and it didn’t take me too long to think of my other four.

  • MadTree PsycHOPathy IPA – the best IPA brewed in the Cincinnati area
  • Triple Digit Chickow! – a very powerful hazelnut porter, clocks in at 10%
  • Blank Slate Fork In The Road – an India amber ale, more maltier than typical IPA
  • Fifty West Kelly’s Roadhouse Stout (Nitro) – just had this for the first time last week and I am still thinking about it
  • Mt. Carmel Amber – the flagship beer from one of the area’s first craft breweries
  • Rivertown Roebling Porter – vanilla and espresso fill this nearly black porter

So far The Six-Pack Project has had two editions, meaning twelve states have been covered. I know that I look forward to searching for some of the South Carolina beers mentioned by Drink. Blog. Repeat. on an upcoming trip to Hilton Head. What would be in your six pack?

4 Responses to “The Six-Pack Project”
  1. Bryan says:

    Glad you enjoy the Six-Pack Project! I’m always curious about what to seek out whenever I travel and all these posts are doing a great job at giving me some ideas.

    I’ve never had the chance to drink in Ohio, so all the choices by you and Tom are new to me. We get Great Lakes in NC and I definitely love all of their brews.


  2. Claire paff says:

    Yum yum the son of a peach is good! Thanks for the reminder!!!

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