If there is one thing that Cincinnatians love as much as their chili, it would have to be soft serve ice cream. Each neighborhood seems to have at least one free-standing ice cream stand called either a creamy whip, whippy dip, or something similar. Two weeks ago I found myself at Putz’s Creamy Whip, one of the most famous of all the local shops. The business started way back in 1938, and though they have moved locations a few times, the current location has been in service for around sixty years.

Est. 1938

According to their website’s history page, the construction of I-74 in the early 70’s nearly forced them out of the current location as the highway was supposed to come within three feet of their back door. The owner’s were able to convince the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration to move the highway nine feet back to save the location. Later, in 1987, the street the store was on was renamed to Putz Place. So this ice cream stand is legendary for many reasons.

Open For Business

Following the lead of my wife’s family, I ordered a medium size Krunch Cone with vanilla and chocolate swirl ice cream. Krunch was a combination of sprinkles and some sort of crunchy bits similar to what you would find in the chocolate of a Nestlé Crunch. Now there is a good idea, I wonder if I could get them to dip this into chocolate after covering it with krunch. Even without the chocolate coating this ice cream hit the spot.

Krunch Cone

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