Hopefully everyone had a nice Christmas break, I know I did. We made the 600 mile drive from Kansas City to Cincinnati for the last time, so that we could celebrate with our families. The next 600 mile drive we make will be on Monday, January 1st, when we head out to Denver. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will be good for our trip. The snow in Denver is already causing a few problems with finalizing a contract on the house I posted earlier.

In addition to all of the gadgets, clothes, etc. that I received as gifts for Christmas, I also added a championship to the list. I made it to the final game in both of my fantasy football leagues and actually came away the winner in one. It might have been the lowest scoring game of the season, but I prevailed 77-62. I think I could have won the other league too, if I didn’t make some dumb decisions with my lineup. Oh well, I cannot complain with one first place finish and one second place finish. If I only could be happy with the Bengals performance…

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