Element Eatery has quickly become our go-to food hall destination in Cincinnati. I’ve tried many of the stalls already and it’s hard to pick a favorite. I enjoy having so many options to choose from and usually go with whatever I’m in the mood for.



Little Easy brands itself as a Po’Boy Shop and it features a variety of po’boys along with other creole options. The half po’boy is still a massive sandwich! I enjoyed the buttermilk brined and fried chicken topped with sriracha aioli, pickled ginger, and cilantro on New Orleans Leidenheimer po’boy bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickle ($9.95). Also, do not skip out on the chicken and sausage gumbo served over rice ($6 for a cup). This is an authentic dish that will bring your taste buds straight to Louisiana.

Po'boy & Gumbo

Po’boy & Gumbo

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