On our way into Steamboat Springs for vacation last week, we decided to stop for some Mexican food at Tequila’s, which is in the historic downtown area. Nearly everyone in the group opted for one of their house margaritas that come served in a pint glass. With that much tequila to start our trip, we knew we were in for a good one. I’m told that their margaritas are made with just tequila, lime juice, and agave natural sweetener. I do recall them being pretty tasty and not overly sweet.

Inside Tequila’s

We were given a few complimentary baskets of chips for our rather large table, along with a traditional red salsa as well as a non-traditional cabbage based salsa. I will admit that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cabbage salsa at first, but after trying it on top of a warm chip I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a little like coleslaw but not very creamy and much more bold in flavor.

Cabbage Salsa

For lunch I ordered chicken enchiladas with salsa verde. This plate was served with refried beans and rice. I’ll start with the beans, which didn’t appear to be from a can, but I really didn’t enjoy them that much. It seems that they weren’t very fresh and when the plate was warmed in the oven they got crunchy around the edges. The rice was alright too, but not worth the extra money. If I were to order again I would have went à la carte, as the enchiladas were surprisingly good! I also had a bit of my wife’s chile relleno, which was great too, even though they prepared it with beef when she requested vegetarian. Nearly everyone in the group licked their plates clean, so Tequila’s is definitely worthy of a visit.

Chicken Enchiladas

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