Most of my free time this week (and some of the last couple of weeks) has been dedicated to getting updated. We use the Coppermine Photo Gallery to drive not only the photos section but it is also the backend of the user login system. The software package is updated regularly, but we never bothered to upgrade it on mainly because we had modified some of the source and didn’t want to lose those changes.

Well our version 1.3.x was completely obsolete a few years ago, and it wouldn’t run with PHP 5. We built our own version of PHP to use with the website, but when that stopped working a couple of weeks ago, we were forced to use the PHP 5 version on our host. That means that we had to upgrade Coppermine, as well as some of our own code that wasn’t compatible with the PHP upgrade.

The upgrade actually wasn’t too bad once I got down to it. is now utilizing Coppermine version 1.4.27. The 1.4.x releases are no longer supported, so I may have to upgrade to the latest 1.5.x in the near future if I want to avoid the catastrophe that happened the last couple of weeks. Live and learn I suppose.

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