While in Colorado this past weekend we took advantage of the changing seasons to enjoy a pretty drive and some great hiking weather. We drove the rental car out of Denver west on I-70 to Georgetown. In Georgetown we headed south to go up and over Guanella Pass. When we reached US-285 we headed further west to go over Kenosha Pass before heading back north in Como over Boreas Pass and into Breckenridge. The drive was filled with lots of great mountain views and plenty of aspen trees in their wonderful fall golden color.

From there we headed south on CO-9 to the Blue River area for some hiking. I found this trail description and figured it would be a great afternoon hike. Carrying Trey on my back definitely made the hike harder than it should have been, but I think he really enjoyed it. And it wasn’t really bad, it just took longer than I was thinking that it would. The link above says that this is the best hike in Summit County, and though I don’t know if I would go that far, it was still worthy of an afternoon adventure.

Georgetown on Dwellable
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