Before moving away from the west-side of town and into our own house, we joined my wife’s family for dinner at a popular restaurant in the area, Nick & Tom’s. We actually bought Groupons in early May expecting to use them quickly but ended up using them on our last week of staying with her family. My wife and I arrived with our infant son to find our group already at the table. Shortly upon our arrival a server was by to take our drink orders and then soon after they delivered some appetizers they had ordered before our arrival.

Inside Nick & Tom’s

The first item I sampled was a slice of the Primavera pizza appetizer. This is a homemade ranch dressing topped with red and green peppers, tomato, broccoli, mushrooms, jack cheese, and chicken. I wasn’t expecting much from it just by judging the appearance but it was actually really good. The pizza was definitely big enough for a full meal, likely with some leftovers to take home. We also had a combo platter with potato skins, chicken tenders, and onion petals. The onion petals were good, but the chicken tenders were pretty standard.  I did not get to try a potato skin.

Primavera Pizza

For my meal I went with the Black and Blue Pasta, which I will talk about more later. Each of the pastas is served with a cup of soup or house salad. There were at least five different soups to choose from and they all actually sounded good to me. I went with my servers suggestion of the buffalo chicken soup. He promised that it would be spicy and it definitely was. The nice thing about the spice is that there was some flavor to go along with it. I’m not sure what else went into the broth but it was tasty. I would easily recommend this soup, or any of the soups really, as they all looked good.

Buffalo Chicken Soup

The black and blue pasta was a combination of blackened chicken breast, fettuccine, sundried tomatoes, scallions (which I don’t remember), mushrooms, and blue cheese. I really like all the flavors of this dish on their own, but when they were put together I felt the blue cheese really dominated the dish. I was hoping for more spiciness from the blackened chicken but it was only slightly there. I found that if I mixed it all together a little better that the spice came through better than before, but still not as much as I had hoped.

Black And Blue Pasta

My wife went with the chicken chili, which is a special recipe of chili seasonings and tomatoes, simmered for hours, with chicken instead of beef. It was served with onion and cheese on top and looked a lot like a bowl of Skyline Chili. This actually makes sense as Nick and Tom are members of the Lambrinides family, the founders of Skyline. Not only did this chili look like it was from Skyline it actually tasted like it too, in a very good way. They also serve beef chili in a bowl as well as three, four, and five ways. The five way here adds onion and jalapeno. The “ultimate way” includes onion, jalapeno, and black beans. I would love to go back and try one of these items after sampling the chili in the bowl.

Chicken Chili

Overall this was a much better dining experience than I had at other west-side restaurants such as Cabana on the River and Price Hill Chili. I hope to return sometime in the future.

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